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Neofin is a no-code commercial open source automation platform with multiple pre-built digital components.
Digital onboarding builder
Proprietary KYC tech
Ultimate financial product builder
Ultimate financial product builder
CRM Engine
Marketing campaign engine
BI Builder
Datasource connector
Past due tracker
Underwriting Studio
Document management system
M2 Reporting
Neofin can power multiple financial products
To get your foot at the door of the target audience easier

Get that WOW-effect for your customer at the MVP or even presales stage!

get new leads and better conversions

win long-term strategic projects for the large team

work on premium integrator rates with higher margin

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  • 1 Day
    to working prototype

  • Working features
    at the pre-sales stage

  • Team of 1
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  • 1 month
    to a working MVP

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What our users and partners say

“I recommend Neofin wholeheartedly. I didn't think it was possible; I searched for months for a start-up capable of building a revenue-based loans project from scratch, and I faced significant challenges until I met Neofin. From the moment we met, our collaboration went smoothly, without any issues. With Neofin's help, we managed to launch the first revenue-based loans solution in Romania, and I am confident that our collaboration will become even more constructive as our project evolves!”

Goghie-Alexandru Stefaf

CEO & FounderAlgo Financial SRL, TustCurrently an integrator to Neofin in the region of Romania, empowering the integration of Neofin into multiple institutions

“Of all the solutions we’ve tried, Neofin’s product engine has been the easiest in building the product core, creating risk policies with alternative data sources, or setting up seamless user interfaces. In the very first days after launch, we realized there have been some crucial steps in our borrowers’ onboarding process that we simply had not thought about before. Neofin’s site builder has been instrumental as we were talking to users, figuring out their needs and making changes in the front-end flow on the go. I recommend Neofin as a platform for fast and effective launch of financial products.””

Shanzaib Malik

CEO & Founder, Stately Credit

“We were looking for a robust solution to launch an automated car financing project for almost a year. We are a large holding with over 200 people in development stuff. So choosing a solution that would pass all the reviews and suit all the parties has been a challenge. With Neofin, not only did we manage to release the car financing product in 3 months. We have also freed the time of our internal engineering team so they can focus on a core business. At the moment, we are integrating Neofin’s solution in more markets of Central Asia.”

Asset Kassenbayev

Deputy General Manager / UNA Financial Group
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